Hello, this is my love collage:

Ohana of four πŸ’–

Hi, I’m Kim
and I am nothing less than enamoured with words.

I write because I want to make sense of the things that happen in my life.

There is a lot that I used to dislike and even regret. But if I am able to look back into it through my entries, I’d realize how silly I was because there was nothing wrong with those circumstances at all.

I guess you can say that going over my old entries is a way to see myself as a third person.

I also write for those moments that I’ll be needing a warm pat on the back to motivate myself to push through. Typing my thoughts and reading them to myself reminds me why I’m doing what I am doing now.

I feel that I reveal more of myself when I spill my thoughts onto the keyboard. I could say exactly what I mean because there is no need to rush and there are no anxieties with body language or my silly pronunciation β€” all that matters is the intimacy of words to my heart.

I chose my blog title because I see life as a tender unfolding; for better or for worse.

 *In case you are wondering, orange is not my favorite color. This just happens to be the default colour palette that I have no way of changing for free. (Yep, not a .org user atm.) πŸ™‚


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