Life at 30

I am back – not that I have been gone – but in the sense that I am making my presence in this hardly updated space, again. I am back and I must say I am blessed with a lot of things:
a family of four, working for a company that gives long-term benefits up to my dependents, being able to help my parents, knowing the craft & hobbies I want to nurture for personal growth, recognizing the career path I want to take, having time to work out a bit, and slowly learning about investing that I want to immerse myself in.

I am back and I am now at the third decade of my life. At age 30, I have goals I know are attainable with the right prioritization, which is empowering. This was not my perspective years back but changes happen and they rub on circumstances, people, relationships, up to the way we look at things.

I am not always a positive person and I still mess up a lot of times. I fuck up at work, on what I choose to spend on, with the words I blurt out, on how I treat people around me, and by what questionable means I look after myself. But you see, life goes on and we just have “to fail fast, learn quickly, and move forward,” borrowing the words of my colleague – because life is also about being back on track.

Recently, I feel like I’ve been getting the hang of things at my new job. I think this literally hit me days after a hangover. This is the deal: work will always be pretty busy so I’ll just try to be busier doing the things I love outside it. 😉 In other words: UNWIND AND GET A LIFE.

Speaking of unwinding, here are photos from our recent beach trip from the last long weekend. I wasn’t really pining for the sea; I just wanted to spend the last few days of my 20s somewhere solemn with my family.

Subic, Nov. 2018

Subic is becoming our go-to get-away because the place is cheap and it can be a quick two-hour drive from San Mateo, *if my husband is willing to risk our safety with his driving speed ~I am kidding. My kids love the sea too much for me to deprive them of this short vacation. I am happy that I gave this to them.

When I look at my kids and observe the things they do to amuse themselves, I tend to ask myself that if they can be happy with so little, why can’t we grown ups do the same?

Why does satisfaction seem harder to evoke the more we progress in life? How do we undo being desensitized that bids us to constantly aim for “better” things to capture the same high? ~Bakit pati ang pagpapahalaga natin mayroong inflation?

P.S.  Before the year ends, I will be posting a subjective mishmash of 30 best things, where I’ll throw in everything (from coffee to skincare) to make the list selective. Maybe I will tag half-senior friends to do the same?


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